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Welcome to The Wool Shop!

We are very excited and exceptionally proud of our small range of wool, both raw curls perfect for crafting as well as spinning, and our beautifully soft yarn. The yarn is all hand-washed and hand-dyed at The Border Mill and all wool is 100% from our own girls. Please have a look and feel free to ask any questions!


Yarn for all occasions! All spun and hand-dyed at The Border Mill, we like to keep it British. The tweeds are Wensleydale with a dash of Zwartbles, to give it that extra 'bounce'! Lambswool is 100% Wensleydale. All of the colours are inspired and named after plants found on the farm.

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After the success of our raw Wensleydale curls, 2022 finally saw Di's dream come true. After 30 years of hand spinning and designing a yarn that made her want to pick up the knitting needles, we had our first wool spun. We wanted an independent business as local as possible so, after lots of research, we found the wonderful people at the Border Mill. Di dropped the wool off and spent the day discussing all things yarn and we are absolutely delighted with the products.

- The Chilton Grounds Gang

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Curls from, but not exclusively for, 'the girls'. 
Hand-washed in rainwater and sorted at the farm. Perfect for your crafting needs.

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