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Chilton Zwartbles

We have had our pedigree Zwartbles flock since 2002. Our son was bought some black sheep for his christening in 1996 by a local farmer and since then we have always had an attachment to black sheep. We saw a lovely ram at a local sale a few years later and bought him to serve our Suffolk X ewes. 
Zwartbles are a Dutch breed. They are tall and have plenty of milk to feed their lambs, which they are very protective over.

3 in a row
Chilton Zwartbles: Welcome
Zwartbles sheep and lamb
Zwartbles lambs
2020 ewe and lambs Zwartbles
Zwartbles in the home field
Zwartbles sheep susan
2020 ewe and lambs
Zwartbles ewe lambs for sale
Lanner keeping the girls in line
Scanning time
The lambulance
Zwartbles sheep in the home field
Zwartbles ram
Zwartbles lambs
cade lambs
Chilton Zwartbles: Gallery
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