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Shearing time!

Grass is short and rain is needed but whilst we can't control the weather, we can help our girls take their winter fleeces off before the heat returns. This also allows us to put some more fleece on our Etsy store for crafter's worldwide to quench their thirst for spinning, knitting, felting and all things craft with our wool. This time there has been silver and black Wensleydale wool added and some dyed wool with dye from our friends at Gay Wool in Australia.

Ross our shearer is really calm during this potentially stressful time for our sheep and we really value that. Stress in sheep can lead to diseases such as pneumonia and heat stress if it's warm so we try to do everything we can to minimise that risk.

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Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker

We love the black wool and hope you do too!! They do love a scratch in the field!



Hi Diana. Just received my wool and I just want to say it’s gorgeous, in fact I’ve ordered some more plus your silver/black wool. Your girls look fabulous. I wouldn’t be able to stop cuddling them. Hilary

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