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New black Wensley additions!!

We have been very lucky to secure the last black females to be sold from the long established The Dean Wensleydale flockof Kent. Sandra Brown will carry on caring for her ewes and rams in their retirement and March 2019 born Polly and Penny will join the slightly younger Cleaver, June and Bonkers to make up Chilton Black Wensleydales.

In 2017, a fleece from one of Sandra's Black Wensleydale ewes won the English Wool championships in the fine/lustre section, competing against all the English show champions as well as those entered directly to the British Wool depots. The fleece then went on to become reserve champion in the UK Golden Fleece final run by British Wool, after competing against fleeces from across the UK (13 million fleeces are handled by British Wool each year!).

Some of our black Wensley wool be up on our Etsy site soon!!

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