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Emma Vining Designed Shawl Knit-A-Long!

We are so excited that Emma Vining, pattern designer extraodinaire and regular of The Knitter magazine, has designed a shawl inspired by our ridge and furrow fields using two of our lambswool 4-ply yarns! And what's even better, YOU can make it too on the knit-a-long, hosted by The Loom Shed - The Loom Shed Behind the Pattern Online Workshops with Emma Vining - The Loom Shed

We can't wait to start the knit-a-long and hope you can join us. Diana will be tuning in from the lambing shed on the last instalment of the workshop. To buy the wool, look on our website shop for lambswool 4-ply (colours pictured are lichen and silver birch).

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