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We are passionate about our farm's flora and fauna and are part of the Nature Friendly Farming movement, practicing Agroecology. Our hedgerows, flood meadows and field margins are beautiful ecosystems which are bursting with rare plant and animal life. 

To look after our soil health and lock-up carbon, we have not ploughed any of the farm since the compulsory ploughing during the Second World War. This care is reflected in the ridge and furrows that are evident throughout most of the fields and have been there since the medieval period (over 1000 years!). We have been sowing multi-species grasses and legumes to increase the variety of nutrition available to our livestock, improve the nutrients in the soil, and improving drought tolerance of our pasture, something that has become required in recent years. 

We only use worming treatment when necessary following testing and avoid Macrocytic Lactones (Ivermectins) when possible. We have not dipped sheep for over 25 years or applied artificial fertiliser to fields for over 20 years. 

As well as the joy it brings to see the thriving wildlife, we want to have a successful farm ecosystem for the future. While we know our efforts are just a small difference to the global ecosystem, we give our all to improve what we have here at Chilton Grounds. 

About Us: Our Farm
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